GIDE: 25 years of survey technology...

Consultancy. Survey as a Service. Bespoke survey solutions.

For over 25 years GIDE has worked with market and social research institutions, the private sector and central and local government to provide web-based data dissemination and survey solutions.

No survey is too small or too large.  We have delivered 1000s of market research and social research surveys ranging from short 10-question web-based recruitment questionnaires to complex interviewer-led social research studies requiring many months of development and testing.

The world’s largest research organisations repeatedly turn to us for the expertise and technology they need to deliver their key projects.

Here’s how we do it:

Using our in-house cloud-based survey platform, our team of survey scripters and developers are able to meet any requirement.  Our web surveys can be used as CAWI, CATI or CAPI and can also be deployed to your interviewers’ tablets as offline web applications, allowing them to conduct interviews without an active internet connection.  We have recently added video conferencing (CAVI) capability to our platform.

Our  services include:

  • Creation of survey scripts directly from DDI specifications
  • Automated creation of data dashboards
  • Creation of survey scripts directly from Word document specifications (and the reverse – creating documentation directly from the survey scripts)
  • Bespoke portal websites interfacing with either our in-house or third-party questionnaire systems.
  • Interfacing with Data Collection (Unicom Intelligence), including the conversion of survey projects and data between Data Collection and other systems
  • Development of custom question displays
  • Fully customised survey presentation – incorporate your own branding and host on your own domain name
  • Flexible pre-population – provide us with any data, in any format, and we will integrate it with your survey
  • Rich data exports – in addition to standard CSV and Excel exports, our powerful data description and survey scripting language is used to automatically create richly described datasets in the native format of your favourite data analysis tools (SPSS, R, Unicom Intelligence, Quantum and more). 
  • Multi-lingual and multi-country questionnaires
  • Flexible hosting arrangements – we can securely host your survey on GIDE’s servers in the UK (London), the EU (Paris), on your own servers, or on a cloud service of your choice (e.g. AWS or Azure).
  • GDPR compliance.

Established in 1995, GIDE works from London, Nantes and Paris. Our market and social research professionals are fluent in web technologies, data processing and statistical analysis.  In addition to delivering services using our own software platform, we have expertise in a wide range of tools including:

  • Unicom Intelligence (formerly IBM/SPSS Data Collection)
  • Blaise
  • Quantum
  • SPSS, SAS, Tableau
  • R and R/Shiny.

We’re also rather good with XML and associated technologies, having developed systems around it since the late 1990s. That gives us agility. And, regardless of a project’s size or complexity (we’ve worked with some of Government’s largest datasets), our collaborative approach means we’re ready to put this flexibility to work.

GIDE can also provide consultancy on GDPR and privacy (we have provided these services for the Social Research Association and the UK Casino industry).

GIDE is a member of MRS, SRA, ESOMAR and the Association of Survey Computing.


At GIDE, we understand that there is often much more to a survey project than the questionnaire(s).  We can deliver bespoke secure portals for your respondents, interviewers, fieldwork management team, researchers and clients.

Our modular survey scripting system allow a script-once, use many times approach, deploying the same questionnaire script as an online survey (for use as CAWI or CATI), as an offline web application (for use as CAPI), via chat applications (e.g. WhatsApp) and via video calls (CAVI).

GIDE’s solutions have always used a combination of our in-house software and the best available open source software, giving us the ability to quickly and effectively build systems to meet your precise requirements.

Our software development skills include a range of server-side and client-side web technologies, survey scripting, data processing and analysis and we are constantly developing new ways to integrate our survey tools with the ever-changing ways people are using the internet.

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