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Welcome to GIDE

Who we are

For over 25 years we've worked with government, LAs and some of the largest social and market research organisations.

Perhaps you've heard of the School Performance Tables? Or the national Pupil Eligibility Checking service? Or maybe the UK Resilience Capability Survey?

Yes, we did those. We've securely delivered tens of thousands of data collection and reporting projects, from very small to some of the largest and most complex around. Government trusts us. Industry trusts us.

You can trust us too.

More recently we have consolidated our Survey offering through the development of SCROLL, our professional web-based survey platform, and the product of all our expertise and experience in the field.

SCROLL provides data collection, processing and reporting facilities to help organisations obtain and understand the information they need to develop and progress. It has been designed around the extensive research and development done by the Government Digital Service to establish how best you can reach users and get the most out of your enquiry.

What we do


Making things better isn’t straightforward. At GIDE we have learned that improvement is all about discovery. It means asking the right questions; exposing and analysing assumptions; understanding and resolving conflicting perspectives; and delivering meaningful insights. Then we can start the work!


GIDE have designed systems and surveys for numerous clients including the Department for Education, Work and Pensions, Cabinet Office, NatCen, Kantar and many more. We are scrupulous about understanding their requirements and leave no stone unturned in delivering them to the highest of standards


GIDE have developed complex programmes for government and industry: for 25 years we worked on the national school performance tables, using open source technologies and unstinting acumen to continually develop and improve them.


From discovery through to live running, GIDE use agile principles to understand, collate and prioritise user requirements; build and iterate functional prototypes; optimise and baseline the process; release minimum viable product; then continually improve the service and its delivery.


Steady state delivery? Well, if you insist.
But wouldn’t you want to make things better still? GIDE provide services based on ongoing monitoring; understanding their evolving requirements (and redundancies); incremental features and frequent iterations – et voila! – continual improvement.


The security and privacy of your data is paramount. Data in motion is protected by end-to-end HTTPS. Data at rest is fully encrypted on our UK based servers. All SCROLL survey software assets are ISO27001:2013 certified by UKAS, and have been since 2014. We are registered with the ICO and are fully GDPR compliant.

Our customers

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