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For over 25 years GIDE has worked with market and social research institutions, the private sector and central and local government to provide web-based survey solutions. Some of the world’s largest research organisations repeatedly turn to us for the technology they need to deliver their key projects.

Here’s how we do it:

GIDE’s cloud-based survey platform is a rich framework drawing upon our 25 years of experience in delivering web-based questionnaires and forms.  It’s ready to deploy in a range of standard off-the-shelf configurations that can be readily adapted to the most demanding specifications, including:

  • Creation of survey scripts directly from DDI specifications
  • Automatic creation of data dashboards
  • Creation of survey scripts directly from Word document specifications (and the reverse – creating documentation directly from the survey scripts)
  • Bespoke portal websites interfacing with either our in-house or third-party questionnaire systems.
  • Interfacing with Data Collection (Unicom Intelligence), including the conversion of survey projects and data between Data Collection and other systems
  • Provision of intuitive front-end for questionnaire development
  • Extensive back-end access to our underlying CAWI scripting language, giving complete control over the survey logic
  • Extensive survey design and editing from scratch or existing templates, including use of pre-set functions
  • Access to HTML, CSS and JavaScript providing complete control over survey presentation
  • Multi-lingual facilities for international clients
  • “White label” facilities to accommodate any corporate style
  • ISO27001:2013 certified Information Security, and GDPR compliance.

Established in 1995, GIDE works from London, Nantes and Paris. Our market and social research professionals are fluent in web technologies, data processing and statistical analysis as well as a wide range of tools including:

  • Unicom Data Collection Suite
  • Blaise Quantum
  • SPSS, SAS and R Tableau and R Shiny.

All good stuff. But if the cap doesn’t fit, we don’t wear it.

Our resilient and proven open-source technology stack (Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL and MongoDB) gives us options. We’re also rather good with XML and associated technologies, having embraced them since their inception. That gives us agility. And, regardless of a project’s size or complexity (we’ve worked with some of Government’s largest datasets), our collaborative approach means we’re ready to put this flexibility to work.

So, today, you’ll find GIDE’s  products used in many countries around the world, testament to our diverse experience, technological acumen and to our enduring commitment.

GIDE can also provide consultancy on GDPR and privacy (we have provided these services for the Social Research Association and the UK Casino industry).

GIDE is a member of MRS, SRA, ESOMAR and the Association of Survey Computing.

Creating a bespoke solution for your project can be surprisingly cost-effective. It avoids the expense of buying off-the-shelf products that inevitably means compromising on what you want. At GIDE we can design software to meet your unique and specific requirements.

Because we develop most of the software we use, we are free of any allegiances to particular software products or providers. It also means we can integrate our solutions with your systems simply and swiftly.

Our software development skills include web technologies, system architecture, networks and databases. When that’s not enough, we will do our own research and learn something new!

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