Survey consultancy

25 years of rich and deep experience.

We’re with you all the way.

GIDE have a reputation for taking data further. In the late 1990s, when organisations were starting to use hand-crafted HTML forms to create online questionnaires, we were already developing our Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing (CAWI) platform.  Always ahead of the curve, our system – and its unique data description language – remains at the core of all GIDE’s products, including online and offline interviewing modules and their associated cross-tabulation, analytical, reporting and dissemination tools.

No job is too large – or too small. From short, sharp web questionnaires to large multi-modal studies, GIDE has the experience and technical acumen to help you deliver.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our consultancy services


Making things better isn’t straightforward. At GIDE we have learned that improvement is all about discovery. It means asking the right questions; exposing and analysing assumptions; understanding and resolving conflicting perspectives; and delivering meaningful insights. Then we can start the work!


GIDE have designed systems and surveys for numerous clients including NatCen, Kantar, Ipsos, Cabinet Office, the Department for Education, Work and Pensions and many more. We are scrupulous about understanding their requirements and leave no stone unturned in delivering them to the highest of standards


GIDE have developed complex studies and programmes for government and industry: for 25 years we worked on the national school performance tables, using open source technologies and unstinting acumen to continually develop and improve the collection and dissemination of the data.


From discovery through to live running, GIDE use agile principles to understand, collate and prioritise data requirements; build and iterate the survey; optimise and baseline the process; then continually improve the enquiry and its delivery.


GIDE provides systems for monitoring fieldwork targets, mass email and SMS reminders, panel administration, trade-off, online diaries, quota administration and dashboards and more.

Our systems can also be used to integrate complex questions and methodologies into other interviewing software if you have problems providing a feature with your usual in-house system.


GIDE has developed its own powerful language for creating highly customised reports and a versatile tool for online cross tabulations. We also have many years of experience in producing high volume cross-tab reports with Quantum.

Our team of statisticians also works with SPSS®, SAS® and R, and is expert with methodologies applicable to survey data including multivariate and trade-off analyses.

Survey management

Consider GIDE as an extension of your team. We can support you through the complete survey process or any component where you need extra help; we can set up all types of questionnaires, from the most basic to the most complex (CAWI/CATI/CAPI); we can deliver statistical analyses along with on- or offline production and publication of results.

Data restitution

While we’d like to help you get it right first time , if that ship’s already sailed we can still make things better. Regardless of its source, format or structure, we can manage and/or migrate your data so that you can get back to making sense of it. We can even retrieve legacy data from your information systems, clean it up and reinject it back into your BI or CRM tools to provide more and richer insights.

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