25 years ahead of the curve.

GIDE has a history of over 25 years of innovation in the collection, processing and dissemination of data on behalf of the public sector.

Some of the highlights are described below.

1993 – DfE

GIDE publish the first secondary school SCHOOL PERFORMANCE TABLES (on paper). The following year we moved them online and in 1997 published the first primary school tables – “The biggest print job since ration books”.

1997 – Ofsted

GIDE implement an early reproducable analytical pipeline to generate Pre-Inspection Contextual School Indicator (PICSI) reports, drawing together a range of school performance and contextual data.

These reports evolved into the school Performance and Assessment (PANDA) reports, which were distributed annually to all schools in England.

1997 – DfE

GIDE move the School Performance Tables online. Government joins the digital age.

2001 – Ofsted

GIDE move Ofsted’s pre-inspection forms online, creating one of the first large-scale online data collection systems for central government. Schools join the digital age.

2005-2016 – Schools, LAs & DfE

GIDE deliver Key to Success, the first data portal allowing secure access and transfer of pupil level data.

2006 – DWP

GIDE automate the Job Retention and Rehabilitation Pilot (JRRP) call-centre, integrate the data and rescue the programme.

2007 – DWP/DfE

GIDE work in partnership with NatCen to create a secure web-based monitoring system for the Family Intervention Projects. This consisted of a series of complex social survey questionnaires and a management portal providing real-time status summary and detailed online analyses.

2010 to date – Parents, Schools & LAs

GIDE design, develop and deliver the go-to National Eligibility Checking system, including the popular Online Free School Meals app, to allow parents, schools and early-years providers to instantly establish access to priority pupil funding.

2017 – Cabinet Office

GIDE chosen to deliver mission-critical survey of National Resilience Capability and provide the richest data yet.

2017 to date – DfE

GIDE deliver School Benchmark Reports so schools can compare and contrast their financial data, establish best practice and improve their performance

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