Easy to use, hard to beat


The SCROLL survey platform is a rich framework which draws upon GIDE’s 25 years of experience in delivering web-based questionnaires and forms.  It is available to purchase in standard off-the-shelf configurations and can also form the basis for GIDE’s bespoke survey solutions.

At its core is a rich data description and scripting language and the same technologies used internally by GIDE’s production teams.


SCROLL's intuitive features make survey design accessible. Our comprehensive question library, a host of question-types, extensive survey logic and access to our powerful scripting language puts nothing beyond scope. When you're finished, test it to destruction. All done? You're good to go.


Whether you're distributing an anonymous URL via multiple channels, or mounting a fully managed and targetted campaign, SCROLL has got your back. Distribution, quotas, timing and tracking are all at your fingertips. When you're done, or time's up, it's time to start counting.


As soon as your survey goes live you have access to dynamic activity reports including survey connections, quotas and response stats. The onboard data and cross tabulation facilities make meaningful analysis available within SCROLL, but if you need to go further, comprehensive export facilities come as standard.


SCROLL offers multiple views of survey data from pre-set reports to complete flexibility in describing variables and granularity. You can create benchmark reports comparing your data across different levels of aggregation. If you need to go off-board there's also a full range of export facilities e.g. CSV, Excel, Quantum, SPSS and Triple-S.

SCROLL survey software does the lot. Better. Faster.

Its innovative design means that it conforms to the UK Government Digital Service’s (GDS) design principles. UK Public sector clients get these features straight out of the box. The clean, fresh presentation can also be “white labelled” to incorporate your house style. It’s incredibly easy to get started. PC, tablet or mobile, SCROLL survey software just works.



Try it out. Free, naturally. Then, whether you’re a small professional outfit or a large corporate enterprise, you’ll find a SCROLL package to suit you. Oh, and if you’re UK public sector, you’ll find us on G-CLOUD 12, ready and waiting.

Administer SCROLL

SCROLL’s superior administrative functions maximise efficiency. Flexible role-based user accounts put collaboration and delegation at the heart of your project, giving a means to exchange ideas as well as provide clear definition – and oversight – as to who does what.


SCROLL’s foundation template is derived directly from the GDS design principles. That means that responsiveness and accessibility are beautifully integrated from the outset. It’s the perfect canvas on which to overlay your brand identity and the tools to do so are all included.

SCROLL offline

Sometimes detailed market or social research requires an offline presence. Maybe there’s poor or no internet connection. Maybe your organisation doesn’t want the extra cellular charges. No problem: with SCROLL you simply run the survey, return to base and synchronise. Job done.

SCROLL secure

The security and privacy of your data is paramount. Data in motion is protected by end-to-end HTTPS. Data at rest is fully encrypted on our UK based servers. All SCROLL survey software assets are ISO27001:2013 certified by UKAS, and have been since 2014. We are registered with the ICO and are fully GDPR compliant.

SCROLL advanced

The HTML produced by SCROLL contains a rich set of standard class names and IDs to assist customisation. Advanced users can create bespoke scripts using JavaScript or our native scripting language to manipulate all survey parameters. The good news is, we can help you do it! Just get in touch and tell us what you need.

Survey Design

Not all surveys are created equal. We have designed multi-layered, multi-tiered surveys for Ipsos, the French military and our own Cabinet Office (to name but a few). Our enquiries are finely honed to get the information that’s needed. We’ve polled thousands of respondents across multiple business units, securely delivering granular results to the data owners and aggregated benchmarks to drive comparison and improvement.

Survey Deploy

Large organisations have complex structures. SCROLL’s superior administrative functions help to maximise organisational efficiency. SCROLL workflow can be configured to fit with any disposition, from loose collaborations to formal roles and hierarchies. Flexible role-based user accounts put collaboration and delegation at the heart of your project, giving a means to exchange ideas as well as provide clear definition – and oversight – as to who does what

Survey Maintain

Some enquiries are built to last, collecting millions of data items to provide a rich and enduring trove of information for long-term study. Don’t worry. SCROLL will keep things running:

  • Resilient cloud architecture provides real-time mirroring, full failover and backup
  • All data is encrypted during transit and at rest
  • Comprehensive support, UK hosted, GDPR compliant and end-to-end ISO27001 secure​