SCROLL. Did I ever mention it? Maybe, maybe not. Assuming not, well that’s probably because we’ve been so busy building it. And now it’s here. But first things first: what is SCROLL?

It’s this:scroll-blog

SCROLL is SDA’s latest data collection, processing and analysis tool. It embodies 20 years’ focus on turning data into decision grade information. Used by some of the largest social and market research organisations – and most recently by Cabinet Office – our system has already delivered thousands of data collections. Indeed, it’s taking off all over the place, including France, Germany and… Iran. Using SCROLL’s multi-lingual capabilities our new associate research consultant has adapted the system to accommodate Farsi and, right now, it’s being put to work on the ground in Tehran and other major Iranian cities. A unique feature of the project is that we’ve modified the system for offline operations to allow for specific elements of the local business environment.

Indeed – STOP PRESS (like, this morning) – we have just been confirmed as the principal supplier of computer assisted mobile interviewing (CAPMI) by RahbarBazaar (, the leading market research agency in the region, and exclusive regional affiliate of Kantar Insight.

The weird thing is that we sort of slid into operational mode. SCROLL has been in development – a sometimes vexed process – for a while. There were several components that worked perfectly as independent modules but their integration was… problematic. So we stepped up the effort, polishing them up, streamlining their throughput and then, almost unexpectedly, they clicked. A good job they did because – how shall I put this – we’d taken a few liberties with our marketing endeavours. I’ll put my hands up; we had to. You pour resource into development but there comes a point when you’ve got to get your product out of the door.

So, lessons learned? We all know the impulse to make something perfect; to improve, to refine, to embellish. To fiddle.

The simple fact is that this is all displacement activity. Version 1.0 is staring you in the face. Get it out. Put it to work.

The world will direct where it goes next.

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